Adjustable Ink Stamps


Hey yall,

We’ve got stampies!

These are circular stamps have a 1.25 inch stamp design, they are about 3-4 inches tall, and are self inking AND ADJUSTABLE. This means you can adjust the stamp by turning the middle dial, to use more or less ink as desired.

About pre-inked stamps:
Pre-inked stamps allow you to make many impressions swiftly and efficiently without having to reink each time. No inkpad- no mess!
The ink is oil-based, which means you can mix it with other media such as markers, watercolors, and ink without worrying about the stamp lines.


Stabby knife will come with a red handle

Strawberry Milk Cow will come with a pink handle

Trash will come with a black handle

Black Peen will come with a black handle

Pink Peen will come with a pink handle


The Trash stamp is a collaboration with M0mo_art!

The Strawberry Milk Cow is a collaboration with Velloriaa!

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Additional information

Weight 4 oz

Stabby Stamp, Trash Scream Stamp, Strawberry Cow Stamp, Angy Frogg Stamp, Pink Peen Stamp, Black Peen Stamp


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