Original Snom Squishy Toy!

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**As I offer shiny bodies for these three snom options, these ones will take a while to make as they are made to order!**

Oof, this was a super fun challenge! I made a Snom Prototype and it blasted off so now I’ve opened up Preorders so I can afford the materials to make even MORE Snom!

Here is a video to show the squish!

This squishy is NONTOXIC and safe to handle! It DOES NOT contain rubber, silicone, or formaldehyde!

PLEASE DO NOT EAT IT, THIS IS NOT EDIBLE. No fruit gummi for you, your kids, or your pets!

*Please note that these are handmade so faces may differ sometimes!

This squishy can be squished as much as you want, but it is not super stretchy, and may rip if stretched too far, so please only squish<3

This squishy cannot withstand high heat, so do not place it in a car during summer! Temperatures of 320 degrees and above can melt it!

This squishy does leave a residue on paper if left for some time. Residue is nontoxic.

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Additional information

Regular, Glitter, or Blue-Shell Glitter?

Clear, Clear with Glitter, Blue Shell with Glitter

Regular(White) Body or Shiny (Yellow/Green) Body??

Regular!, Shiny!


Default Snom, Happy Snom, Angry Snom, Sleepy Snom, Tired Snom


Yes, No

5 reviews for Original Snom Squishy Toy!

  1. Krystl Slaughter-Miyamoto (verified owner)

    A real treat to play with and squish~ A perfect little friend!
    Check it out!

  2. jamesnewman1112 (verified owner)

    Absolutely adorable little things to hold onto!

  3. Olivia

    It’s very adorable and fun to squish! I love to poke and squeeze at its spikes and face. It fits perfectly in the palm of my hand.

  4. K Patrick (verified owner)

    Bigger than I expected–takes up my entire palm. Very pleasant to hold and squish. I got the regular shell, and just the bubble inclusions make it look very icy! It is clearly handmade; bit of a rough edge on the bottom, but I like that better than something that looks mass-produced. Face was clearly done with care and somehow has a lot of personality. I love my snom!!

  5. Daine Ellout

    Oh man this is super super squishy, I love it!

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