Knotty Necklaces and Keychains (Glows in the dark!)


After multiple requests, I’ve finally decided to start selling my Knotty Knecklaces online!

Yup, you read that right, I am selling puppy peens! These bad boys are made of thick, durable glass, and filled with various colors! The default colors I make glow under UV light or in the dark, unless specified otherwise! These are perfect for puppies of all kinds 😉

Don’t see a color you want? Got a unique peen in mind?

Not a problem!

Just click here and scroll to the bottom to request a custom peen of your choice! Multiple colors/gradients/accessories may affect price.

Durability Video can be seen here!

*Please note* While each necklace is drop tested before shipping and reinforced with thick glass, please do keep in mind that in the end these products are made of glass, and while they may not shatter, they do have a potential of snapping under pressure, so please handle with care.

*More colors and designs will be added as they are made! I’m currently working on Pride Peens!

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Pink, Reddish-Pink, Blue, Green, Purple, Gold

Necklace or Keychain?

Necklace, Keychain


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