Gachapon ⋮ [Win a free blanket!] Round 6


Hey guys!

We decided to try a limited run for Gachapon orders! These orders will be 10$ + shipping!

*The Gacha items are actually valued to be more than 10$.

So these orders will be a random enamel pin, charm, sticker bundle, mousepad, lanyard, or more from the shop, from listed items and unknown/surprise ones! Some are new items, some are old, some are clearance, and some are brand new!

What’s so special about this Gacha? For every 20 orders, one buyer will be chosen via random generator to win a free blanket of their choice (with free shipping!)! The winner will be emailed, and an announcement will be on the website and social media if applicable (winners are anonymous, otherwise they request to have their social media tag posted as the winner. I will NOT post real names for security purposes).

In your order/Customer notes, please put your social media tags or the word anonymous!

Once 20 orders have been purchased, the winner will be announced and a new Gacha round will start up!

*Note: Any bee merch will still have proceeds donated to charity, you will not get a email confirmation until I see shipping status is ‘delivered’, so that the surprise isn’t ruined! If you receive bee merch but not an email confirming the donation, please message me in case I forgot!

You can buy up to 4 Gachapon per round!

For extra transparency, Order numbers and associated Gacha numbers will be posted below, (example: Order #0001, Gacha 1 ) so that you can see your placement before numbers are drawn. These order numbers will also be posted on Twitter and Instagram as well!

Gachapon rounds end when all orders are filled, however if orders are unfilled by the end of the month, depending on how many, orders will either be shipped out or all refunded, and blanket giveaway will be valid if there are 15 or more orders.

*Currently Round 6 *


Out of stock

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