Blue Iridescent Squishy D20


*Note* These are not playable dice! They are a little uneven at the 1 so it will not roll fairly! These are handmade so expect minor human error when it comes to painting the numbers please ; u ; <3

Squishy dice! For DMs to throw at their players or vice versa! These are approx 1.5 inches wide and are super bouncy and squishy! Be careful when squishing if you have sharp nails.

Squishies can be washed with warm water and soap, they are a proprietary blend of ingredients that are non-toxic and do not contain resins or silicones. I understand some folks have different allergens, so if you are concerned that you might have a reaction to this product please send me a message and I will let you know if my squishies contain that allergen!

Keep out of reach of small children or pets. While my squishies are non-toxic, they can be choking hazards.

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